Matt Masucci

Horror. Crime. Suspense. Thriller.



Monstorm: A Charity Anthology of Horror. Madness Heart Press, 2023. (Co-edited with Josh Strnad)


“A Peculiar Photograph.” Phantom Menagerie. (Forthcoming 2024).

“The Last Goat.” Illustrated Worlds Magazine (Forthcoming 2024).

“Daughters of the Sun.” The Half that You See (March 2021).

“Insurance Adjuster” Shotgun Honey. (7 April 2020).

“She Talks to Me.” Weirdbook Issue # 41 (2019 ).

“My Blues-Eyed Girl.” [reprint] Great Jones Street Press App. (Fall 2016).

“Sarah’s Hair.” Under the Bed (Vol. 4, No. 1 — 2015).

“Caveat Emptor.” Mystery Weekly. (October 2015).

Beautiful Ash.” Three Minute Plastic. (30 July 2015).

“My Blues-Eyed Girl.” As Richard Sturgis. Shotgun Honey. (2 April 2014).

Untitled.” Thaumatrope (27 May 2009).

“Adam Repentant.” The Undead 3: Flesh FeastPermuted Press (2007). 

“Vampire Earth.” Bloodlust-UK (2005).

“The Other White Meat.” AlienSkin Magazine (2003).

“The Diet.” Aoife’s Kiss (2003).


Perpetual Motion Machine.” Dissections: The Journal of Contemporary Horror (Spring 2017).

“Heroin Hephaestus II.” Illumen. (Fall 2011).

“Pieces of You.” Star*Line 32.2 (2009): 10.

Villanelle for the Ages.” Astropoetica 6.1 (2008). 

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